Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When will we???

Just getting frustrated because my partner and I have not been intimate for 4 days now.....:(
Seems like either he is too tired or I am, or my child has the usual bad timing of coming home earlier than expected from a friends house!
Sure, sure I know children do come first and she always will, but sometimes I feel like I need a break!! Or should I say WE need a break!
And of course today I am tired and sore after working.....I feel like I could fall asleep as I type this post.  
I know lots of busy parents actually schedule their lovemaking. but sometimes I would like to strike while the iron is HOT so to speak!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Great 2 year Anniversary Giveaway at Hey Epiphora!!

Hi there! Sorry I've been so quiet lately....Lifes curveballs and a bad cold virus thrown in have made me a bit down.
But I just had to stop in to let you know about this really great giveaway at Hey Epiphora! 
There are 8 very sexy and wonderful prizes to be won by some lucky readers there. '
I am entering to win the $100 Facinations Gift Certificate!! 
Hurry! And Enter soon!  Good luck all! 
Hey Epiphoras 2nd year Anniversary Giveaway 

I will be checking in again sometime soon!