Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just A Few Of My Favorite Things To Do......

!!!!!!!!Stay Sexy!!!!!!!!!!

I Have Big Clit Envy!!!!

Hey all! Spring has finally arrived, and it seems that my sex drive always seems to increase as well!
But perhaps it may be because of a new FWB relationship that I am in too.....More about that at a later date. But let me tell you this much, he is a very sensual and lusty lover who's stamina always keeps me satisfied! I feel good because I am finally getting what has been missing from my life (for 8 long months).
Yes, my former bf has no sex drive whatsoever due to having virtually no hormones left in his body. Had to have his testes removed due to a non cancerous tumor. I lived with it for a while, but I do have very real needs! And in case you are wondering, no this is only part of the reason we are no longer together. But even if we were still together, our open relationship did allow me to play. My hook up with my other ex last fall hardly counts as it was a less than satisfying experience. Actually was awkward at best.

Anyways....Onto the subject of this post.....I have always envied women who have large clits! I find them so sexy and I have toyed with the idea of getting a clit pump to see it I could make my own clit bigger.I plan to try this someday!!  I realize that most of these women either are born with a large one, or are body builders that take male hormones, or perhaps are F to M transgendered. . No way would I ever take male hormones   however. I'm 110% woman, and I want to keep it that way!

When I look at all these lovely pics, I get to thinking how much fun it would be to suck and lick one! I wonder if it would feel like a miniature cock?? Sigh!!! Maybe someday I'll find a woman who is well endowed. In the meantime I can admire from afar......

I thought I would share with you some very beautiful pictures of big clits I found today! Enjoy!!!

SEXY or what???????

The best for last! 
This very suckable and beautiful big clit belongs to the lovely Rikochan! 
I am a fan of her blog which you can check out here: 

!!!!!!Stay Sexy!!!!!!