Monday, October 31, 2011

No More Mundane Mondays!!! 10/31/11

Happy Halloween!! 
I've been so horny lately!! Must be the cool crispness and earthy smell that is fall in the air....
I masturbated each day for the past three days.....Hmmmm? Perhaps you readers would enjoy seeing some pics of either me doing so, or of the toys I used, or BOTH!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!! 
Here's another installment of No More Mundane Mondays!! Enjoy!! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Saturday Sexiness!

No wonder guys love this position so much! Lovely view!! 
 Oh Hell Yeah!!! Love to squirt it all over just like this!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Fuck Yeah Fridays!" 10/28/11

Hello my sexy readers!!! Hope you have had a fantastic week! 
Once again here is another installment for my Fuck Yeah Fridays posts!! Things that make me think "Fuck Yeah!" I hope they make you think this too! :)

MMMMMM! Can I take her place please?? 

What fun!!! 

I have welcomed a lover home this way a few times!! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More LoLz!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been busy lately, but I just had to share these!!! Enjoy!!! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

!!!!!!Happy Fuck Yeah Friday!!!!!!!

Hope all of you sexy readers have had a great week! Here's another installment for Fuck Yeah Fridays!! Things that make me think "Fuck Yeah!". Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Okay, So I Forgot!!!! Ooops!!!!

Crap! Sorry I forgot to post yesterday for my No More Mundane Mondays posts!!! 
Hope this will make up for it!!!! 

Food porn anybody??? 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

GOD!! This is HOT!!!!

Oh My GOD!! This is SO HOT!!!

More Sizzling Saturday Sexiness!

Just some more hotness for your Saturday!! 

Love to have this done to me in this position! Guess what I would be doing to her?! 

  I would love to be in either one of these positions!!!

Ummmmmm???? YEAH!!!! This is what happens to me too when I get fucked in the ass!
 Love it when there is a thumb in my ass at the same time too! 

Sorry I Forgot To Post a Fuck Yeah Friday!!! So Here's something for a Sizzling Saturday!

This is a recent conversation I had with a member from Fetlife.

I have not yet met this man, but plan to in the near future!!!!

written 6 days ago:
I was sitting up wishing that I was with you this evening. Would love to get together with you. I knock on your door. You answer it and invite me inside. Once inside we embrace and kiss each other passionately. You reach down and feel my throbbing cock and lead me to your bedroom and push to the bed. You unbutton my pants and take them off. You slowly take my hard cock into your hot mouth. I can hardly take it your hot wet mouth swallowing my hard cock is too much for me to take. You stop and take off your wet panties and tell me to lick your pussy. Your wet pussy is so beautiful I start to play with your clit with my fingers. I ease down and slide my fingers inside your soaking pussy and start to lick and suck your hard clit. I find your gspot and message it while sucking your clit you are getting very wet and I try to lick up every last drop. Your moaning is music to my ears and I start to finger you faster your hips are grinding into my hand. You are getting close. I start to flick your clit with my tongue and your moaning is getting stronger and finally you explode and tastey juices come flowing and spray my face. I drink up all that I can your sweet nectar tastes so good. You tell me to fuck you. My cock is throbbing so bad I can hardly take it. You spread your legs and guide my cock inside and it feels like heaven. I drive my cock hard and deep inside, you begin to cum. I continue to drive harder and faster. You cum again just as I begin to cum. Just as we both cum I collapse and we lay there completely spent. You get up and tell me you will be right back. When you come back you are now wearing strapon. You say my turn.

OMG!!!! Yes!!!!!!! Your are making it hard for me to get to bed tonight!!!! MMMMM!

I then tell you to get on your knees and I get behind you and start licking and biting your ass cheeks and every now and then I go between your legs and find your balls hanging there and I suck and lick them into my mouth....your cock becomes hard again and starts to drip pre-cum all over my sheets...I reach around and catch some on my fingers and rub it on your tight asshole....You moan as I insert a finger into your ass....I start slowly fucking your ass with my finger, as your cock throbs with each thrust...
You beg me to fuck you with the strap on....So I get behind you and I pierce your tight ass with just the head of it.....and ever so slowly push it further and further in you ass until it hits the base...
You start breathing hard and moan to me how good it feels,,,,
I then start fucking you harder and faster....You start jerking your cock, but I tell you NO!!!! Not until I say you can!!!
Your cock is by now straining for release as I pound your ass...
I withdraw for a bit and tell you to get on your back....I then plunge the dildo back into your ass...and delight in watching your beautiful rock hard cock bob up and down in time with the try to touch yourself again, but I push your hand away...I take it in my own fist, and start to slowly jerk you off...I tease you by squeezing the base and watching the head of your cock swell even more! You say to me "Please??!!!" Let me come!!!"....
I keep fucking you hard and fast until you are about ready to pass out from the pleasure.....I then start jerking your cock again...until you are about to tell me Oh I am going to blow!!!!
You cum so strong that it hits you on the chin.....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some More Funnies.....

I've been down with a cold, so not up for much typing tonight......Enjoy!!! 

Monday, October 10, 2011


See something new everyday!! :) 
Gives the saying, "I'm with the band." a whole new meaning!!! 

No More Mundane Mondays!!!

Okay, so I started with the Fuck Yeah Friday thing and figured why not have something for the Mondays of each week?? Hope these will make you laugh like they did me today!!!! And make your Monday merry!  
Have an AWESOME week everyone!!! Oh and thanks for reading my blog!!! I appreciate it!!! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

They Say...

That the eyes are the windows to the soul.......
Here's mine.......