Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Saturday!!!

Sorry!! Been busy! Had a fabulous night out with a good friend I went to school with last night! We had not seen each other for 30+ years!! I am hungover today!! UGH!!!  Went to see a drag show!! Had a BLAST!!!! But somehow these little drinks in little shot glasses kept appearing in front of me!! Go figure!!!! ;-) LOL!!!

Saw this cartoon and I just HAD to share!!!!
I'll be posting again tomorrow!!! Promise!!!!

(Click on image to view larger)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just popping In to Share Something Funny!!!

Hello!!!! Sorry for the very sporadic postings as of late! Summertime always finds me being more active outdoors and such.....
Anyway, I was reading one of my favorite websites, and came across these!!

Aren't They Cute??????

And here they are in action!!! 
(Sorry! I could not figure out how to get the video to post here!!) 

I just think these are so creative!! And Fun!!!! 

You can purchase them here: