Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Never Met A Man Who Hated This!!

Greetings All! It's been a horny week for me, as I have been experimenting for the past few days with my new toys that I got recently because I won a $500 shopping spree at Edenfantasys!
I promise to share with you all sometime in the very near future what all I ended up getting to spoil myself with! 
Knowing me I may include a naughty pic or two of me using some of them! 

Today I saw this picture, and honestly I don't think there are many men out there who would not like this all over their cock!!! I know that lovers I have had say it feels very hot!! And Very, very good!! 

I never tire of seeing pictures of squirting while getting anal! Hope you don't either!! 

I adore it when my lover gets me to come all over his hand!! 

I just may have to go get my strand of pearls out now to try this!!! Makes my pussy hot just watching this! 

Stay SEXY!!! 

Oh but before you go, I just gotta share this very hot video of a demo of a man making a woman squirt!! Now after watching this, I need to go get off!! (Again!)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Who Wants More Squirting???

Hello!!! I know I do!!! Thought I would share some very nice squirting pics with you!!! Enjoy!! 

Love squirting while getting my ass fucked!!!! 

And squirting while his cock is still inside of me.......

Ohhhh! I love seeing it come out from this angle! The slow motion is a very nice touch! 

Hot (wet) pink at it's finest!! 

Hitachi's!! What torture!! Tsk! Tsk!! ;-)

Make it rain all up in here! 

Thought I would leave you with a very hot compilation video of some amazing squirting. 
Stay Sexy!!