Sunday, September 25, 2011

So Today....

I'm going with my boyfriend for us to meet a guy I've gotten to know through Fetlife.
He is much younger than us, but I like his attitude. And besides, age is just a number right??
His GF wants to meet as well but she is sending him out to test the waters so to speak.
Shy one I guess.

So here's hoping for a start of a friends with benefits thing that I am searching for!!!
I'll keep ya posted.

Another MMMM! Oh Yeah!!!

These pics makes me wet just remembering how awesome this feels!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Feeling Too Tired To Write Tonight Soooo.......

Thought I would share some funny cartoons!!! Enjoy!!!

Two old ladies outside a nursing home smoking when it starts to rain. One lady pulls out a condom, cuts the end & put it over her Cig, continued smokin. Her friend asks, "whats that?", "A condom so my Cig doesn't get wet", "Where u get it?", "You get them at a shop". Next day her friend goes to a shop, asks the pharmacist for condoms, surprised he looks at her strangely as she is well over 80 yrs old, but asks her what brand? "Doesn't matter, as long as it fits a camel" the pharmacist fainted!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

OMG! This Turns Me On!!!

I love it when someone sucks on my big pussy lips!!! It's been waaay too long since I've had this done to me! And yes I have done this to a woman before, but it's been a long time ago. SIGH!! Someday! Someday!!!

MMMMM!! Oh Yeah!!!

God this looks like FUN!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mea Culpa!!!

I made a mistake!!! I guess I should not lets past fakes that have answered my ads bother me so much huh?
Now I am feeling rather bad!! :(

Well I heard back from S.
She is the one that I thought for sure was really a guy. Well My Mistake!!!
Oh and how do I know for sure that she is indeed a woman??? Well she directed me to look up her Facebook page and everything matches up. :)

Apparently her hubby was okay with it all UNTIL she actually went and answered my ad and we hit it off.
She says he is afraid that she will prefer me over him.
She says she absolutely will not proceed unless he is okay with it.
And that she does not want to drag me into the middle of any drama.
Hey at least she is honest and not trying to hide it from him.
I have heard from a couple of ladies who need it to be a secret, and quite frankly I don't wanna feel that I am a threat to a relationship at all!!

I am in an open relationship and my boyfriend is fully aware that I am actively seeking right now. And he will know if and or when I do meet up with anyone.
I figure if you don't have trust and honesty, you don't have much of a chance making it as a couple.
Am I right??

Like Minded People

In sharp contrast to my previous post here is the response from the married couple I got in my email yesterday.
I can SO Relate!!!! And yes of course they got my response!! I'll keep ya posted if/when this one may pan out. ***Fingers Crossed!!!

My wife (29) and I (42) are actually looking for a "girlfriend" who is interested in more of a long term relationship who would actually become a "member of the family" so to speak.  She is (or was) the "most squirting" girl I've ever been with until we had our little baby girl (who's almost TWO already).  We haven't been very active since but I would like to get her back to enjoying multiple very wet ejaculations like before.  She barely admits to being "bi-curious" but is not opposed to having another partner to join us if we get to know her well and we all "like each other" and "get along".  It's really difficult to find somebody on craigslist, or anywhere else for that matter, who's interested in this kind of relationship (more than just sex - or sex and then some).  It seems like the m4m ads are rampant with just pure sex solicitations, the w4m ads are all looking for love, the mw4mw and mw4w ads are again just sex, the w4w almost always say "no men" and/or "not interested in being a third", and there really aren't ever any w4mw worth mention.  Maybe You would be interested in corresponding and seeing how much we have in common/to talk about and something more might come of it.  Let me know if You're the least bit curious...

Let The Flakes Fall Where They May......

Sooooo......Last night I was chatting along on Yahoo Messenger with the "Married Woman??" who wanted me to come all over her and for me to teach her how to squirt. All  was well and good, but....All "She?" wanted to talk about was sex!!!
People!! Don't you have a damn clue how to approach someone you don't know????
Not that I minded really talking about sex I suppose, but this brings me to a conclusion about "Her"

Last night after I had sent her a couple more pics and sent her a link to this blog of mine, I ended the email asking if I could call her.
After I sent the email I made a bet with myself that most likely I will never here from "Her?" again or she would back out.

GUESS WHAT??!! I May Be Right!!!!

Here's the response I got in return:
 I'm sorry J - My husband who was previously ok with this changed his mind last night in a big way. I don't wanna waste your time and I don't wanna drag you into drama.. 

Sorry -

And here's mine in response: 

I gotta laugh at this really! I made a bet with myself that after I asked to talk to you by phone I would not hear from you again, or you would back out!!! Ha! Ha!! I was right!!!
Why don't you just admit you are really a guy?!!! 
I wonder how many others have wasted their time on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steaming mad

If I am wrong (And I don't think I am!) Sorry! 

Have a nice life! 

**Is this too harsh??? I swear though by the way she/he? carried on about sex made me think it was a guy!!!! 
And from now on, I WON"T be sending anyone new to this blog OR sending them ANY of my pics until I am 100% sure of their intentions and/or gender!!! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Getting Closer......

I'm getting closer to finding that special lady or couple who will share in my love for squirting and mutual satisfactions. I placed my own ad on Craigslist yesterday and so far have received quite a few responses!!
I have had one in particular that I hope will work out. It's a sexy married couple in my city.
And I just got one from a nice married woman who wants to learn how to squirt and have me cum all over her!! MMMMMMM!
PINCH ME!!! Are these great responses to my ad real????
Stay tuned........

Thought I Would Share!!

This is ME!!! I was masturbating today and I felt myself building up to a squirting orgasm, so out came the camera and here are the results!!! ENJOY!!

Picture 62

Picture 61

Picture 63

Picture 88

Picture 104

Picture 95

Picture 92


Picture 34