Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Fantasy I Have Been Craving!

I am a woman who squirts! And my fantasy is to find another woman who does this also.
I would love to feel her gushing cum all over my fingers or splashing onto my body (Anywhere!)
Hoping to find her someday.......In the meantime I will just enjoy watching other squirters on the internet.
P.S......When I DO experience this, you readers will be the first to know!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I Love Orchids!! LOL!

I hope to be posting more regularly now that I am somewhat coming out my depression since my fathers passing last March. I have my bad days still, but I get through it. 
Some other things have happened to put the kibbosh on my sex life....
My partner has had some medical issues that make having sex painful to him. 
For the sake of privacy, (and I don't want to bore you) I am not disclosing all of the particulars.  
So for the most part I am still in an open relationship, only I have not yet found that NSA buddy. 
I answered an ad from Craigslist and talked to the guy on the phone and traded pics but the attraction is just not there. No sense meeting and wasting time.......
So I wrote to a couple of women from Craigslist ads.....
Heard from one of them once, and she seemed interested , but then nothing.......
What's a girl to do??? playing with myself gets boring after a while!      

Squirting!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I love to squirt!! I have been since I was 17 years old. I will never forget the first time I did it. I was fucking myself on the bed post which was wooden and rather girthy and nicely rounded. I remember how excited I was as I experienced the wonderful feeling wash over my body as I came so hard as my cum gushed out of my pussy and ran down my legs....... 
I have not always had the luck of being with a lover who understands what female ejaculation is all about.
Too bad for them huh?!  
As I have gotten older, I find myself having squirting orgasms just about every time I come. 
Thankfully I have a lover who adores it when I do............
Now I'm off to go play......All this writing about it has made me crave it yet again..........


OMG!! YESSSSSSS! Would love to catch it all in my mouth!!! 

Wishing that was my mouth and teeth on that cock!! YUM!!! 

Simply Gorgeous!! You agree?? 


Oh Yeah!!! Take it.....Take it all!!! I Love this position!!! 

One of my FAVORITE things to do!!! MMMMMMM!