Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UPDATE!! Well He Was Up For Some Fun Alright!!

After my last post I went over next door to my lovers place and told him all about some of the messages I got today. It got him turned on because I was turned on! And well it doesn't hurt that he is bi either!!
So we started out with him licking and sucking my pussy lips and clit, while he fucked my pussy with his finger hitting my g-spot. Getting it primed for squirting.  I was almost there, when he asked me if I wanted him to use one of our dildos on me. So he picks what we call "peter" to use on me. It is a 7.5 inch long and almost 2 inch wide nice lifelike and filling one.
Then he hands me my Celebrator vibe which is more or less a modified toothbrush motor with a rubber tip.
He tells me to use that on my clit while he fucks me with the dildo.
I then get really turned on and feel my self getting ready to squirt, so I tell him and he pulls out the dildo and I squirt so much that it splashed on his cock while he was sitting in front of me!
Then my vibrator on my clit puts me over the top completely......
I then tell him to lay on his back and I get on top of him and lower my pussy onto his dick, letting just the head enter me at first until he can't stand it any longer and thrusts himself into me.
We fucked like animals, his dick hitting my g-spot with each thrust and I again squirted my juices all over his cock while he fucked me.
It is such an awesome feeling when my hot cum comes pouring out of my pussy!!!
And the sexy sound it makes when our bodies are soaked in it.....Everything from our thighs to our stomachs gets soaking wet.
He made me get off about four more times while inside of me......And his whole body shook and he cried out my name as he came...........

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