Thursday, September 16, 2010

I can honestly say I've experienced all of these bad sex moves!! UGH!

I was reading this fun article today, and yep!! I can honestly say that I have experienced every single one of them!!!
Read them here......23 Bad Sex Moves
My favorite passage is No.7 : "Getting so bossy with sex directions I feel like your dick is a piece of Ikea furniture I’m trying to put together."
I laughed out loud at that!! And it brought back some bad memories of lovers who were downright assholes who were controlling and selfish, both in and out of the bedroom!  The kind who expected you to worship them and their cocks whether their cocks were glorious or not!!! 
Of course I do think about one of my exes who had a very nice big and meaty cock, but unfortunately he thought that since he had such a nice dick, that all he had to do was stick it in me and Boom! I would come! Well sometimes that was true, but  I am a girl who likes to have a nicely placed tongue,  finger, or vibe on my clit or inside of me to help get me going first. 
Lucky for me now, my partner takes care of me quite well, and never fails to turn me on and make me come. Sometimes I switch it up and he come first. No keeping score here either. I get very turned on sucking his balls and cock, while playing and teasing his ass which loves to be fucked by my finger or a toy while I blow him. Such a turn on!!!!!
MMMMMMMMM! I'm outta here for now.......Gotta go suck me some cock!!     
How about you? How many of these bad sex experiences have you had? any new ones to add to this list?? Do share!! 

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