Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toy Review: The Sqweel

What can I say!! The Sqweel is so unique! I have always wanted a toy that could mimic oral sex and I have finally found it!!!!

Find it here!:

It features 10 little tongues that rotate 360 degrees, and it has 3 different speeds.
Easy to take apart and clean, and runs on 3 AAA batteries.
It works best using a water based lubricant, And I found that when I am on my knees with it pressed between my labia, it hits my clit when I tilt it just so!!!!  More like it flicks my clit!!! MMMMMM!
It is not a vibrator! Oh no! it builds you up to a climax much like oral sex does. And when you do come, oh man!! It leaves you trembling!!! I highly recommend the Sqweel for a totally new and different orgasmic experience!!

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