Monday, February 28, 2011

Open Relationship

I thought I might share a bit about my relationship with my significant other...
We do love and trust each other very much. He is very bi as am I.
And he likes to see the great pics on the site I mentioned in my earlier post. And he does not mind a bit that I have been an active member there.
We have had threesomes with other men, but have yet to find one that truly appreciates us both equally. Seems that most of them want the pussy more....SIGH!
We also have experienced guys who want to bareback....Ummmmm..... NO!! Not in this day and age!!!
Only one out of the four men we have shared were totally okay with wearing condoms, and the others did so reluctantly. Makes ya wonder how many of their other lovers agreed to not practice safe sex!!!
Anyway back to what I was saying about my relationship....We don't hide anything from each other at all.
I have gotten together with an ex, but I did not do the dirty deed because I had not told my lover that I was meeting with him first.
That IS the rule!! We give each other a heads up first so to speak.  We both know that no matter what we will always come back to each other.
I feel so free being able to tell him that " Oooh I find this guy attractive and would so love to fuck him"
And he can say the same thing to me and neither one of us feels threatened. If anything it makes us hotter for each other.
So there you have it....This is my status...Some may not get it nor agree with it, but I thought I would share anyway...
Have a wonderful, sexy day!!!

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