Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Again!! Here's Some Kinks That Turn Me On!!

Been off of here for a while!! Sorry!!! Was perusing a Tumblr today, and came across a user ,   who posted some really nice stuff!!! I just HAD to share some of my favorites!! Enjoy!!!

Ummmmmm.....Yes Please!!! I love to have my clit vacuum sucked!

MMMMM! Love Glass! 

Can't say that I've ever tried this with my Hitachi. Don't know if  I even could do this! Might have to try!!

ROFL!!! Yes I did this too the first time I wore a strap on!!!

Oh! What sweet torture!!!

This is always fun!! 

Another fantasy I have!!! I really want to be fucked by a machine someday!!

Check this guy out, 4 orgasms in 5 minutes without losing his erection!  Look at his semen production, during his first orgasm, he releases a massive amount, his last, barely any.  He literally drained himself dry.   

Have a great week everyone!!!
Stay Sexy!!!! 

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