Saturday, December 29, 2012

Things I Have Done And Will Do again!

Greetings sexy readers!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!!

Was perusing some sexy pics, and some of them brought back some fond memories of escapades past.....
Thought I would put it into pictures the naughty things I have done before (And so desire to do again!)

I adore this position while being fucked in the ass! Makes me squirt all over much like this.......

Yes I have and love wearing garters!!! So sexy! 

There is nothing quite like a nice hard cock running between my ass cheeks like this!

Oh Man!! I wish my clit was big enough to do this to! Maybe after I finally get my clit pump and use it enough to get enlarged I will be able to. Sigh!!! 

Love to do this and make him cum real good! Too bad that some guys don't like it! (Or are afraid to try!)

Ummmmm.......Well yes,yes indeed this happens to me when I'm fucked just like this! Be prepared to get soaked in my juices! 

What an awesome feeling this is! Reminds me of a time when I must have fucked myself in the ass for what seemed like hours! I just could not get enough! I just kept cumming and cumming! Needless to say the towel beneath me was soaked with all my squirting! Being fucked in the ass makes me squirt soooo much! MMMM! Bet you can tell what I am craving  right now!    

Hope you have enjoyed this foray into my  sex life! though some of these things I have not done for much too long, I crave them all deeply! 

Stay sexy!!!! 

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