Friday, September 2, 2011

Like Minded People

In sharp contrast to my previous post here is the response from the married couple I got in my email yesterday.
I can SO Relate!!!! And yes of course they got my response!! I'll keep ya posted if/when this one may pan out. ***Fingers Crossed!!!

My wife (29) and I (42) are actually looking for a "girlfriend" who is interested in more of a long term relationship who would actually become a "member of the family" so to speak.  She is (or was) the "most squirting" girl I've ever been with until we had our little baby girl (who's almost TWO already).  We haven't been very active since but I would like to get her back to enjoying multiple very wet ejaculations like before.  She barely admits to being "bi-curious" but is not opposed to having another partner to join us if we get to know her well and we all "like each other" and "get along".  It's really difficult to find somebody on craigslist, or anywhere else for that matter, who's interested in this kind of relationship (more than just sex - or sex and then some).  It seems like the m4m ads are rampant with just pure sex solicitations, the w4m ads are all looking for love, the mw4mw and mw4w ads are again just sex, the w4w almost always say "no men" and/or "not interested in being a third", and there really aren't ever any w4mw worth mention.  Maybe You would be interested in corresponding and seeing how much we have in common/to talk about and something more might come of it.  Let me know if You're the least bit curious...

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