Friday, September 2, 2011

Let The Flakes Fall Where They May......

Sooooo......Last night I was chatting along on Yahoo Messenger with the "Married Woman??" who wanted me to come all over her and for me to teach her how to squirt. All  was well and good, but....All "She?" wanted to talk about was sex!!!
People!! Don't you have a damn clue how to approach someone you don't know????
Not that I minded really talking about sex I suppose, but this brings me to a conclusion about "Her"

Last night after I had sent her a couple more pics and sent her a link to this blog of mine, I ended the email asking if I could call her.
After I sent the email I made a bet with myself that most likely I will never here from "Her?" again or she would back out.

GUESS WHAT??!! I May Be Right!!!!

Here's the response I got in return:
 I'm sorry J - My husband who was previously ok with this changed his mind last night in a big way. I don't wanna waste your time and I don't wanna drag you into drama.. 

Sorry -

And here's mine in response: 

I gotta laugh at this really! I made a bet with myself that after I asked to talk to you by phone I would not hear from you again, or you would back out!!! Ha! Ha!! I was right!!!
Why don't you just admit you are really a guy?!!! 
I wonder how many others have wasted their time on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steaming mad

If I am wrong (And I don't think I am!) Sorry! 

Have a nice life! 

**Is this too harsh??? I swear though by the way she/he? carried on about sex made me think it was a guy!!!! 
And from now on, I WON"T be sending anyone new to this blog OR sending them ANY of my pics until I am 100% sure of their intentions and/or gender!!! 

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