Friday, September 2, 2011

Mea Culpa!!!

I made a mistake!!! I guess I should not lets past fakes that have answered my ads bother me so much huh?
Now I am feeling rather bad!! :(

Well I heard back from S.
She is the one that I thought for sure was really a guy. Well My Mistake!!!
Oh and how do I know for sure that she is indeed a woman??? Well she directed me to look up her Facebook page and everything matches up. :)

Apparently her hubby was okay with it all UNTIL she actually went and answered my ad and we hit it off.
She says he is afraid that she will prefer me over him.
She says she absolutely will not proceed unless he is okay with it.
And that she does not want to drag me into the middle of any drama.
Hey at least she is honest and not trying to hide it from him.
I have heard from a couple of ladies who need it to be a secret, and quite frankly I don't wanna feel that I am a threat to a relationship at all!!

I am in an open relationship and my boyfriend is fully aware that I am actively seeking right now. And he will know if and or when I do meet up with anyone.
I figure if you don't have trust and honesty, you don't have much of a chance making it as a couple.
Am I right??

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